Imelda Kehoe


Imelda Kehoe - Singer Songwriter

Imelda Kehoe Singer Songwriter

Born – Leeds, United Kingdom. Lives Wexford, Ireland (Nationality – Irish). Imelda's debut album released in April 2018 has been a year in the making. The Album is the result of a year long collaboration with Singer Songwriter Michael Egan. 

Most of her early years were spent living in spectacular locations but living in part-built houses. ‘We always had open fires or camp fires and music was very much part of our upbringing. My brothers and Sisters and have all been influenced by our parent’s record collection: Glen Campbell, The Beach Boys, Elvis, Little Richard, Mamas and Papas, Everly Brothers, Ray Stevens.’

She trained as an A&E and Intensive Care Nurse in Leeds in the 90’s and she refers to these experiences as being a big influence in her song writing.

The idea of the Album Title ‘How to be Human’ came from the concept that we never quite learn How to be Human. It is a collection of stories which have been inspired by the human condition. It addresses, Fear, obsession, hope, love and the every day struggles of life.

‘It is the opposite of introspective and has been written in a way that the listener will connect with but life experience has given me plenty of material to write about.’

She began writing the Album in Spring 2017 with Singer Songwriter, Michael Egan, who is well known to the music scene in Wexford. Michael Egan co-wrote, played on, produced, arranged all of the songs along with Session musicians; Sean O’Leary (Drums & Percussion), Lee Byrne (Bass), Declan Cosgrove (Keyboards) and James O’Sullivan (Fiddle).

‘Imelda Kehoe is that rare thing: a singer of remarkable subtlety and emotional resonance who also writes songs that act as touchstones everyone can grasp.  Her voice is of the folk tradition but it also brings a freshness and vitality that is both exciting, compelling and all her own.  Imelda's songs are distinctive, delicate powerhouses: leaping genres effortlessly, they often embrace unusual time signatures and challenging melodic structures, while managing to appear deceptively simple. 

She is something very special.’ ……..  Shane Dunphy, Writer, Musician, Journalist.