Imelda Kehoe - Singer Songwriter

Imelda Kehoe Singer Songwriter

Imelda grew up in a large family with English Father and Irish Mother. Most of her childhood was spent living in beautiful locations like the west coast of Wales and The Yorkshire Dales, but living in caravans or part-built houses. ‘We always had open fires or camp fires and music was very much part of our upbringing. My brothers and Sisters and I have all been influenced by our parent’s record collection and when I think of it, we were surrounded by great melody all through our childhood, from the likes of Glen Campbell, The Beach Boys, Elvis, Little Richard, Mamas and Papas, Everly Brothers, Ray Stevens.’

Her father is a builder and when the children were young, her mother left her job as a Radiographer to help with the building projects.

She describes her Father as ‘the original feminist’ because he bought steel toe-capped boots and a cement mixer for her mother’s Birthday, claiming that gender should be no barrier to a good bricklayer.

She trained as an Intensive Care Nurse in Leeds and she refers to the experiences of being so close to people in difficult situations as being a big influence in her writing.

She has been actively involved in music for the last 10 years but only started writing in 2107, when she teamed up with Producer and Co-writer Michael Egan, who is very well known on the Wexford music scene.

The Second Album will be finished by end of ’19 and Imelda’s dream is to sing at The Olympia.

The songs are all very strong melodically and have been written with the listener in mind. Each one will bring the listener with them wherever they want to go.

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